Foster Homes Needed!

Rabbit Haven is seeking individuals and families willing to open their heart and home to needing buns through our foster care program.  If you have the love, interest and dedication needed to succeed in fostering, we'd love to hear from you!

Why Foster?

Fostering one or several buns will make a difference in their lives and will also make a difference in yours.  The reward of knowing you've made a real difference is one of the most fulfilling feelings there is.  Let's make a difference together!

Fostering Opportunities

There are the shy buns who need gentle patience and individualized attention in order to learn they can trust human companionship.  By helping them with this, you are improving their chances of finding a forever home tremendously!

There are the buns who are recovering from an injury, illness or medical procedure.  Their needs can include medication (topical, oral and/or injection) and close monitoring.  We place special needs buns only in foster homes where the fosterer is able to meet the needs of the buns.  Of course, these special needs buns also need extra love and gentle attention.

There are the young buns who need to be handled often and bottle fed.  This can be very demanding, but is a wonderful experience.  A foster home where the fosterer is home the majority of time is perfect for these buns.  Of course, love and gentle attention are a must as the little ones are very fragile.

Last, but not least, there are the buns that are just waiting for their own forever home and need a safe, loving place to stay until they can be adopted.  Unfortunately, sometimes daily, we find ourselves in a position of not being able to help a bun in need just because of the lack of space available.

If you are interested in fostering

For those interested in fostering, please contact us here at Rabbit Haven for more information and to schedule your RH orientation date and time.

For your convenience, you can download our Foster Care application to fill out and bring to your orientation date.