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We are so grateful for all of the support we receive. Our generous donors, auction attendees, and supporters allow us to keep the barn running. It takes a lot to keep our bunnies warm, safe, fed, and dry.
We cannot do it without our volunteers and community assistance.

Caring for your bunnies during a blizzard!

Winter has Puget Sound in a firm grip this week, and while it's a stunningly beautiful scenery,
it's also a time to take extra care of your bunnies.


Here are some tips for 'winter bunny preparedness':

- stock up on veggies, feed, and hay

- check with your vet on their policies during inclement weather
(and line up a stand-by vet clinic)

- keep extra blankets on hand. If you lose power, bring the bunnies
into the warm area of the house and give them blankets to snuggle into.
Make sure to check on the bunnies regularly to ensure they are not tangled up.

Other means of warming a bun:
Snuggle safe, heat pad, bottles of hot water, filled surgical gloves

- check your in-home bunny pharmacy:

  • Critical care
  • Gas drops
  • Neosporin
  • Peroxide
  • Gauze, tape, pads
  • Scissors, Q-tips
  • Vet wrap
  • Fleece and towels
  • Treats

Sue is keeping our bunnies warm and safe.
A big thank you to all our donors and supporters!

OOOOOHHH....2019 is already here!
And so is the 2019 Rabbit Haven bunny calendar.

Order yours today!

Our bunny calendar proceeds go 100% to our Gemini Fund. Our Gemini Fund is exclusively for our injured and sick bunnies. These bunnies come to us with a lot of heart, and this fund helps pay for vet bills, medication, and medical supplies.   

2019 Calendars

Thank you for choosing to support Rabbit Haven as we continue our mission to help and rehome unwanted, neglected, abused, and injured bunnies.

Our goal is to sell 100 calendars to help our Gemini Fund bunnies.



The Rabbit Haven Spay & Neuter Campaign

in collaboration with Willie's Fund

Jeannette and Ariel were spayed in Dec and already have new homes!

Over 80% of the rabbits surrendered to shelters each year in the US are not spayed or neutered, and 70% of them are adults. Most of these are given up by their owners because the owners have too many rabbits or unplanned litters and cannot house them and so are no longer able to care for their rabbits.

The premise of the campaign is pretty simple:
1) raise money
2) spay/neuter rabbits
3) fewer bunnies are born and abandoned
4) rinse and repeat

Help us Help More Bunnies--Learn about our
Spay & Neuter
campaign and donate to Willie's Fund today.

About Rabbit Haven

Rabbit Haven is a non-profit rescue and shelter for domestic rabbits. Our barn is located in Gig Harbor, WA. Our mission is to help as many rabbits as we can, but sometimes we are full and cannot accept new rabbits. Please email to inquire about intakes and adoptions.



 We have updated our Amazon Wish List!


Rabbit Haven has many needs - and the Amazon Wish list is

the fastest and easiest way to

send a much-need item for all the buns!



 Hip Hop Hooray!! We sell hay!!








Bunny boarding services

Going out of town?

Your bunny will need a place to stay

- we have that perfect place!

Boarding is only $10.00 per night per bunny.

Or $15.00 for per night for Double Occupancy

We offer monthly rates too!

Contact us for information or use our Boarding Request form.