If you find a wild cottontail rabbit (or other wildlife)

 Rabbit Haven is unable to take in any kind of wildlife, PLEASE DO NOT BRING THEM TO RABBIT HAVEN.  Below is a list of wildlife centers. We wish we had the time and room but we are not licensed nor do we have the room to properly care for these wonderful creatures. 

Information on how to help orphaned cottontails:



Sarvey Wildlife Care Center

Contact: Kaye Baxter
Phone: 360-435-4817
Websiite: www.sarveywildlife.org
Wildlife Species: raptors, general mammals, raptor flight cages, medical

Kitsap County / Bainbridge Island

Island Wildlife Shelter 

Contact: Sandra Kay Fletcher (Director)
Phone: 206-855-9057
Email: islwildlifecontact@yahoo.com
Wildlife Species: all species including raptors but no large carnivores
THIS YEAR ONLY: no orphaned passerines or mammals, orphaned raptors OK

Snohomish County / Lynwood

PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society)

Contact: Sandra Kay Fletcher (Director)
Phone: 206-855-9057
Email: info@paws.org
Website: www.paws.org
Wildlife Species: all species. PAWS treats approximately 5000 injured and orphaned patients each year

Snohomish County (Stanwood)

Happy Valley Bats and Sarvey Wildlife Center
Contact: Meg Lunnum, (sub-permitee)
Phone: 360-652-7690
Email: megmyotis@happyvalleybats.org
Website: happyvalleybats.org
Wildlife Species: Bats. Will answer any questions about bats. Will also pick up bats locally and make arrangements for those that are further away

Information on how to help orphaned cottontails