Sue's Christmas Letter


Dear Friends,

As this year ends, we count our blessings and look back at the many lives we have touched.

During 2017, over 120 bunnies came through the Rabbit Haven--9 senior bunnies came from California where their original rescue, PetSave, lost their founder to cancer. Only 3 weeks ago, the Seabeck 11 arrived--rescued from a closing meat farm in poor condition. A total of 73 additional bunnies have found safe haven with us, while another 62 lucky buns are now living the good life in loving, forever homes.

Our many successful events include The Burley June Bug Flea Market fundraiser, our Summer Social community barbeque and bunny fun play day, and the Harbor Hop Silent & Live Auction. The Hop was a smashing success, raising more funds than before for our bunnies, so mark your calendars for our 2018 Harbor Hop on October 6. We also kicked off a Giving Tuesday campaign to replenish our Gemini Fund.

Sadly, we said goodbye to a few special bunnies and our dear friend, Marnie Black: forever in our hearts.

Our new Gemini Fund has allowed us to help 8 severely ill or injured bunnies with costly medical needs:

  • Dewey, a Continental Giant, has many issues due to bad breeding; he is a work in progress.
  • Cosmo, a Lion Head with a broken leg. He is healed and healthy and ready to be adopted.
  • Dennis, a beautiful rex, had a testicular tumor. It has been removed, and he is healing.
  • Lily, a REW Flemish, was abandoned and injured. We were able to save 75% of her mauled ear.
  • Merlin, a blue-eyed, white Holland lop had a cyst in his eye. It has been successfully removed.
  • Big Red, a red New Zeeland, has pneumonia, abscesses, and sore hocks. He is recovering well.
  • Cotton, a white Lion Head has an injured back. We are working on his recovery.

Our Christmas Story: “Belle the patchwork bunny”
Belle, only 5 weeks old, was purchased at a flea market in Tri Cities as a pet for a two-year-old child. After being brought home, Belle was frightened, hiding under a bed, but unable to escape the reach of the toddler. The result was terrible for Belle: most of the skin and fur on her sides was pulled off, and her rump was peeled. The next day, the toddler was found carrying Belle by the neck. Poor Belle was screaming and bleeding. The family, unable to afford vet care, realized bunnies are not suitable pets for small children and made the right choice to re-home her.

Belle arrived at the Rabbit Haven late on a Sunday night. I gently lifted her out of a box and could not believe my eyes. So much of this tiny, skinny, little bunny was missing. I carefully held her and promised that we would do everything possible to help her. I told her she would always be safe. Belle started nudging and licking my hand.

Belle needed so much care, medicine, and treatment. She needed bottle feeding and love. I expected her to be very wary of people. Not so! Belle just wanted to be held, petted, and kissed. As this beautiful brown bunny healed I noticed something unusual. All of her new fur grew back in pure white. Today Belle is a happy, sweet girl with a beautiful patchwork coat. We call the white patches her badges of courage. Belle is a very special bunny!

We wish to thank all of our volunteers, donors, and supporters. You make success stories like Belle’s possible. All of your donations go directly to the care of our many wonderful bunnies.

We wish you and your fuzzies a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season. May 2018 bring you peace and blessings.


Sue and “The Buns”

To support Sue, her team, and their work with the bunnies,
please consider entering the 2017 Christmas Drawing
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