Sue's 2018 Christmas Letter


Dear Friends,

This has been a wonderful year! We welcomed nearly 70 bunnies into our shelter.

Our Gemini Fund is hard at work. This fund allowed us to accept 11 bunnies with costly medical conditions that have run out of options. Every one of them has been treated and healed. Most of them have gone to loving, forever homes. Except old Hombre. He is a lovely New Zealand Red and has decided he wanted to just hang out with me. I am so lucky!

Willie’s Fund was founded this year by Linda and Phil Vandercook to honor their beloved bunny Willie. The mission of Willie's Fund is to provide assistance to families who would otherwise be unable to afford to spay and neuter their bunnies. Spaying and neutering rabbits reduces the number of unwanted litters and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer in bunnies. Willies Fund also allows us to accept more buns from “dump” sites and overcrowded shelters. The fund has helped 42 bunnies this year. We are very grateful to Willie’s Fund for this life saving work.

This year we hosted a number of successful events. Our annual Harbor Hop was the largest in our history. Thank you so much for coming, bidding and for your support! In the summer we hosted our Summer Social which included a potluck, vegetarian BBQ, and bunny play date. Our Spring Thing was a big hit as well. In addition to being a fun event with crafts, food, and games, the Spring Thing's purpose was education. Many parents who arrived thinking that they would "buy" a rabbit for Easter learned that bunnies are not good Easter gifts and chose chocolate instead. YES!

We have enjoyed many successes this year because of our supporters and volunteers. The food recalls have greatly impacted the bunnies dinner menu and the budget. Volunteers stepped up to help source out better priced greens. Donors gave money to help with the increased costs of lettuces and other greens. Volunteers helped with our events, donors chipped in to help with costs of running the barn, sponsors helped make events more profitable. Our mission to keep bunnies safe, healthy, and happy would be impossible without the financial support and many hours of hard work from our supporters and volunteers.
You truly make a difference in the bunnies lives.

Our Christmas Story
Our story starts with a little white and brown bunny named Flower. Flower was born with her front legs splayed. Most breeders won’t help these bunnies, they cost money and there’s no profit in giving them extra care or medicine. By the time Flower ended up in a high kill shelter she had been attacked, had lost three of her four toes on one of her rear paws and she had damage to the other paw. She was in such bad shape, she was so thin, dirty and in so much pain from the infection to her injuries. We really feared for her life.

She required surgeries, and quite a bit of medical attention. Flower was a great patient and a great Gemini Bunny Ambassador. She never failed to make visitors smile and always impressed them with her attitude. She really seemed to connect to two of our regular visitors. Haley and Jason would come to visit the barn bunnies and always made a point of visiting Flower. They always wanted to know about Flower’s progress and her future. Haley started showing up more often to visit Flower. She really brightened up and loved Haley and Jason’s visits.

It wasn’t long before I was packing up her play pen, fleece, bandages and medicine. Flower was going home with Haley for foster care. Flower has healed and is even learning to hop like a bunny. Flower loves Haley but ignores her completely when Jason comes home. He is her hero. Having five other bunnies did not deter Jason and Haley from offering a home and care to our special little girl. After months of loving care, Flower is now a member of their family. She got the best Christmas gift, a forever loving home with two beautiful, special people. Thank you Haley & Jason, you are angels.

We wish to thank everyone for your generous support and contributions. We depend on your
kindness to continue our important work. We will welcome as many homeless and unwanted bunnies as possible. Here’s to a great New Year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your fuzzy families.

We wish you love, peace and happiness. And Bunnies, many Bunnies!!!


Sue and “The Buns”

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