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Brooke & Tony: Foster Schmoster!

We first told you about Brooke less than a month ago:

Out-of-control malocclusion resulting in abscesses prevented this friendly little girl from being able to eat. She needs surgery to remove the teeth once she's put on a little weight. Even with the generous discount from our vet, medical for Brooke is expected to be close to $1,000.

And then, we got to report that we had a fabulous new foster home for her and her boyfriend Tony:

A bunny-savvy husband-and-wife team have been volunteering for rabbits at various shelters in the area, and are now giving us some much-needed help on our Wednesday 'cleaning day'.
After meeting everyone and bringing out her husband to meet everyone, and speaking with Angie about Brooke's needs, our volunteer offered to foster them and run Brooke back and forth to doctor appointments and give her any medical care she needs for all her dental work. Luckily, she's experienced giving meds, shots and subQ fluids, etc. and had bunnies of her own until a few years ago. She took Brooke and Tony home Friday. Angie called her last night to check on them. Brooke and Tony were running around doing binkies and having fun getting attention from the humans. Her husband really likes Tony. We love our volunteers!

Brooke after her surgery

And now...dum dum DUMMM!! We have a fabulous update!

Brooke, clearly unhappy in her new home (not!)The wonderful news is that Brooke is flourishing after her dental surgery.  She ended up needing all of her incisors and one abscessed molar removed.  The aftercare involved flushing the external abscess opening, giving subcutaneous antibiotic injections, giving oral anti-inflammatory and pain medication, and pureeing her food.  She was a trooper for all of her care; her strong spirit and zest for living surely pulled her through.  Just days after her surgery, she was back to binky-ing through the living room and wanting to eat solid pellets.  Her boyfriend Tony was an incredible comfort all the while too:  lying by her side, licking her face and ears.  Brooke is now pain-free, has put on weight, is more active than ever, and living the kind of love-filled life all bunnies deserve.
Tony would like to remind you that Brooke is not the only cute one in the family.Bringing Brooke and Tony into our home has added immeasurable joy to our lives.  My husband Ray and I will surely fail at "fostering" in the near future, in that adoption is inevitable :-).  These two are the most social, affectionate, personality-packed buns ever and have quickly become an integral part of our family.  We love them dearly!
Thank you for letting me share this story,




Lisa, we love to hear about exactly this kind of 'failure'!

And one more update! Brooke & Tony have been adopted by Lisa & her husband! HOORAY!!

Happy Endings.