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Montana hearts Gigi.

Montana & Gigi, the happy couple!

Portrait of the happy couple. Here's living proof that size does NOT matter!

Montana met his new lady-love, Gigi, several weeks ago, and now they are the happiest couple on earth, in the happiest home on the planet. Gigi came from Rabbit Meadows, our sister organization here in Seattle. She and Montana had several dates here at Rabbit Haven, and sure enough, their love blossomed!

Their new family adores them. Gigi 'belongs' to Ping, and Montana to Sidney, and both girls are thrilled. Mom and dad love them too, and they are now the focus of this happy household.




Their first kiss! Awwww....  Giant feet = Great pillows. A flop! A flop! This is one happy dude!

Here's our original posting about Montana:

Why Montana? Because that's how far he can hear.

Montana is a handsome, ginormous Flemish Giant bunny. He's around one year old, and he acts like a big floppy puppy. He loves attention, and he would make a fantastic addition to a home with kids. He would also like to find a girlfriend-bunny, and it doesn't matter if she's little or big like he is.

Flemish Giant bunnies can not be housed in cages. They need plenty of room to hop around and enjoy their lives. You'll need to have a room for him, or a large x-pen enclosure for those times he can't be free-roaming.

Sharing your home with a giant bunny is truly amazing. They have hearts as big as their ears, and they are especially sweet and loving companions. Come meet Montana...you'll fall in love!

Montana is listening carefully for your arrival.


He's secure enough in his manhood to lie on a pink bed. Even though he's neutered.

If you'd like to meet Montana...

Head on over to visit him at the Carnation Annex 

Call the Rabbit Haven Hotline: 206-351-2637

Or use our online form

Or email: adoptions@rabbithaven.org