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Lotus has a boyyyy-friend....

Lovely Lady Lotus Has a new boyfriend!

Well, Lotus certainly didn't stay with us long, and we couldn't be happier!

Jumping Jack was adopted from us a couple years ago and recently lost his mate. 

He and Lotus had a wonderful first date... well, it was wonderful for Lotus! She showed off her sluttier side by grooming Jack immediately. He was unimpressed at first, but now is taking much more interest in her, and the bonding is going well!

We're looking forward to getting pictures and updates from Lotus' new family.

Lotus tries to assume the lotus position. It's not working so well.

Here's our original posting about Lotus:

Meet Lotus, our gorgeous new girl-bun. Lotus is between one and two years old, and she came to us in a very sad state. With lots of care and attention, and much better nutrition and exercise, Lotus is blooming into the flower she deserves to be.

This now-healthy girl is getting more interactive, fun, playful, and energetic by the day. Her fur is starting shine, and her eyes are bright and full of life. She just needs a loving home and a nice boy-bunny to bond with, and life will be complete.

If you have a lonely boy-bun who would like to have a date with Lotus, just contact us and we'll set it up!

You missed out on Lotus, but there are plenty more lovely ladies in our Singles section!