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Griffy, aka Gryphon

Gryphon staking out her new turf. Her new turf's name is Courtney.Griffy is now Gryphon, and she has fancy new digs to match her fancy new name!

Griffy was adopted by Courtney, and we couldn't be happier...and neither could Gryphon (we love her new name!)

Check out this little update, and the super cute photos we got!Gryphon inspects her brand new palace, fit for a queen of her stature.

Hi Angie, Just wanted to send you a Griffy update and some pics we took yesterday. As you see from the title of the photo album we have changed her name to Gryphon (spelling from Lewis Carrol's Adventures of Alice in Wonderland) She is doing so well and we just love her to bits! She is actually sitting on the couch with me helping me work this morning.. helping by climbing onto my keyboard and sending emails!! I need to warn my coworkers:)




Gryphon pauses to perfect her appearance

While I do like my new couch, I think I make a big improvement to the overall decor.And the love-fest just continues...here's another update we got a couple of days later:

WE just love her to bits and are so happy that she joined our family. She recently discovered the giant cardboard tube that runs under our couch and does the 'bunny 500' running laps in our living room, including a dash through the tunnel:)

Gryphon settles in for a sunbath, content that her new human slaves are to her liking

Finally, check out Gryphon, pretending to win the world cup.

We couldn't be happier for the whole family. Keep the updates and cute photos coming!

Here's our original posting about Griffy:

Miniscule Marvelousness.

Ummmm...excuse me...but would you LOOK at that FACE? Those EARS? That white SPOT? The white TOES? Are you KIDDING me with the cuteness?

Griffy is a three year old Netherland Dwarf bunny, which means she is a small little gal (at least physically). What she lacks in size she more than makes up for in personality. Griffy LOVES to run around like a maniac, and hates being caged up all day. She has let us know, in no uncertain terms, that she would like to have a fun home where she can be out and about more often than she's in (a cage, that is).

Griffy is a very good listener.

"Why don't YOU go live in a cage, you silly human?"

Sometimes you need a teddy bear. Even if you're 3.

If you'd like to meet Griffy ...

Head on over to visit her at the Carnation Annex

Call the Rabbit Haven Hotline: 206-351-2637

Or use our online form

Or email: adoptions@rabbithaven.org