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Dillon adores Tsuki!

Giant, Joyful Jumper--now with new girlfriend!

Dillon has a happy new home with bun-girlfriend Tsuki! Way to go, handsome!

One of several painfully cute photos.And another insanely adorable shot. 











Here's the great update story from his new family. It's also a great reminder that love doesn't always happen immediately, but with work and care, you can get results (and insanely cute photos) like these:

Dear Sue and Angie,
It has been nearly a month since we adopted Dillon and we are so happy with him. Fortunately so is Tsuki!  It was rough going at first. Tsuki wasn't really all that into being anything less than alpha of her turf and yet she appeared to be frightened by Dillon's size and somewhat brutish movements. Dillon on the other hand appeared quite smitten with her, all moony with many attempts to sniff and inspect her. During these inspections Tsuki would become quite unnerved and lash out and nip Dillon. Her hard-to-get attitude eventually pushed him away and he countered with nips of his own.

One morning I found Dillon free from his enclosure, looking guilty with fur fluff all over his face, fur on the floor and furniture, fur EVERYWHERE. I found Tsuki hiding under the sofa with a small patch of fur missing from her belly. Things weren't going well.

After that it was a week of the lunatics taking over the asylum, we split our living area in two with an x-pen with Tsuki on one side and Dillon on the other. It seemed necessary that they just get to know each other without touching. We knew that if either hurt the other again it may permanently hurt the trust they were meant to be growing. For a couple of days they were not allowed direct contact with one another. However, we did have them switch enclosures every so often to get familiar with one another's scent. I also rubbed the tiniest amount of banana on Dillon's head as an enticement.

The house began to feel like Germany before the wall fell. The cat was very cross that he had an obstruction between him and his food dish. It wasn't long before a change happened, they started mirroring behavior; eating, grooming themselves, snoozing-together. The short visits we allowed with one another eventually grew longer and now there is no doubt that they are hopelessly in love.

They are inseparable. Tsuki has already been teaching Dillon how to chase the cat and build proper cardboard forts. Dillon showed Tsuki that the stairs do indeed lead to another area to investigate. They are the sweetest peaches in the world and we are so grateful that Dillon is a part of our warren.

Thank you so much,
Bea and Stewart Wolfe


Here's our original posting about Dillon:

Dillon is a one-year-old Flemish Giant bunny. He's ginormous! Flemish Giants are wonderful, friendly, and very interested in getting pets and attention. Dillon is no exception! He'll come right up to you for nose-rubs, ear-strokes, and assorted massages.

As a giant bunny, he is not interested in being picked up. Which is probably a good thing, as most people aren't in good enough shape to lift and hold someone as big as he is!

Dillon and his current best friend: His food bowl!

Dillon is full of energy and loves to play. Like all giant bunnies, he can NOT be housed in a cage. You'll need to have plenty of room for both his 'house' (which can be a large X-Pen) and his play area, and we can help you get all set up to be the proud parent of a Flemish Giant.

Get a load of those awesome feet!

Dillon would like to have a lady-bunny to lounge with (when you're not petting him!). And, it doesn't matter if the lady-bunny is petite...big and small bunnies get along well together. And, by the way, there is NOTHING cuter than seeing a giant bun snuggling with a little companion.

Even two hands can't completely satisfy Dillon's petting demands.

So, how about coming down to meet Dillon, or even scheduling a bunny-date with your lady-bunny? You won't be sorry!

 Dillon thinks this photo makes him look small. He's wrong.

You missed out on Dillon ...

But we have plenty more where he came from!