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Ruthie...is a cat?

We just got a great update on Ruthie, a Flemish Giant who was recently adopted.

Here's the update from the new family:

Just got the new newsletter and read how you would like to hear about previous adoptions. I've been meaning to write for some time. Ruthie is a great bun, she is very friendly and is basically one of the cats. She hangs out during the day and has her own room at night. You should hear her when she does binkies. The noise. She is sneaky about it, you have to catch her at it. And when she is under the bed, it's enough to have you believing in monsters under the bed. She is amazing with kids, our niece and nephew just love her. She and the cats love to lie in front of the stove and bake. Hope I didn't get too carried away with the pics. Flemish buns make great bun friends.

Well, Celeste, it's simply impossible to get 'carried away' when it comes to photos of our adopted bunnies! We love each and every one of them.

For those of you who have been thinking about adopting a giant bunny...we have no better explanation of how amazing they are than these photos. Meow.It's no small feat to be this relaxed (get it? get it?).


Ruthie maxin' and relaxin' with her homies.

 Ruthie disapproves of having one of her many naps disturbed.