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Pele & Pompei

Feisty, Fancy Brothers!

Oh, how HANDSOME they are! And boy oh boy do they know it.

Our feisty little boys, 'trapped' between the knees of an adoring voluteer so they'd stay still long enough for their glamour shot!

The happy, hoppy little hellions are just about 1 year old. They came in with a sibling and their mom, andthere's no wonder she looked a bit pooped. Pele and Pompei are funny and frisky, and simply have to explore every corner together. You can almost imagine them talking in their own twin language that no one else understands, pretending to play "Most Brave Explorer In The Whole World" as they romp.

Pele and Pompei were recently neutered, and (as of the middle of April) they still have some boy-hormones in their systems, which adds to their ADD-esque behavior. They are also just starting to get used to the idea of a litter box, but that's probably going to get a lot better as their hormones clear out of their systems.

Here they are 'enduring' some forced snuggling. Please note the cuteness of their tummies.

And don't get us wrong...they're not just explorers. These little guys are sweet and hillarious and everything you'd ever want in a pair of bunnies. So, if you're just starting to look, and maybe need a little time to get ready for new buns, these guys might be just the ticket. In a few weeks, they're going to be ready for the next chapter in their Adventure Story!


Pele taking a break from his soccer practice.

"We're too sexy for our fur, too sexy for our fur...."

If you'd like to meet these brave boys....

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