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Stardust loves Basil

Stardust got adopted!

Stardust and Basil pose in their fab NIC condo.

If Stardust also loves mint, should Basil be jealous?

Stardust has a brand new girlfriend! She is very glamorous and her name is Basil.

Here's the update from the proud new family, and enjoy the awesome photos too!

Hi Sue,

Stardust and Basil have continued to bond and the change in Basil has been amazing; she has gone from a friendly, affectionate, curious girl to an EXTRA friendly, affectionate, curious girl. Her relaxed attitude these days is just amazing. Neither chews at the pen when it is shut, but they are so well behaved together that they usually have the run of the house when we are home. We often leave the hutch open and still they hang around inside their tri-level apartment together or separately time.

Basil established her alpha role in the way you (ahem) predicted...Stardust countered with an homage to his favorite actor, changing his name to "Dennis Hopper" and wearing denim--okay chewing on denim. By this he hoped to establish a macho image, but Basil's not having it. She soothes his ego however with plenty of reassuring snuggles and grooming and he relishes his pampered role. He's moving a little slower getting to know his humans, somewhat shy still.
Thanks for the salad recipe and for all you do for these amazing creatures.


Snuggles! snuggles!

Here's our original post about Stardust:

Twinkle, Twinkle, Furry Bun...Adopting Stardust would be tons of fun!

This is Stardust, or Dusty for short! He may look like a regular ole' black bun, but oh no no no, he is not! His fur is sparkled with the little silver speckles that gave him his name. Dusty not only hops, he glitters!

Stardust showing off his glamorous coat.

Dusty is a sweet one-year-old little guy with a lovely personality. He is very friendly and loves to get out in play...his favorite is when he gets to prance and romp in our outdoor 'dance studio'--you can see him practicing his stretches in some of these photos!

And stretch and twist and stretch and other side...

Dusty makes sure the audience is all in their seats before his performance begins

Stardust is still learning to use his litterbox, but we're working on it and he's getting better and better every single day. He'd be a wonderful little companion, especially if, at first, you can house him in a spot that's easy to sweep up and tidy.

We think you'll love having Dusty as a dance partner. Come meet him!


You missed out on Stardust, but there are lots of other fabulous boys waiting to meet you!