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Panda (f)

A lion named after a bear! And yet...she's a bunny!

Meet Panda! This adorable little lionhead was found next to a Dumpster. Because of COURSE that's where bunnies belong...next to Dumpsters. Harumph. Well, a good samaritan found her (thank goodness!) and brought her to us and now, we can bring you to her!

This is Panda's 'comb-over' look

Panda is a spirited fun little bun, like many lionheads. But she's also really friendly! So you get the best of all worlds with our Panda...the fun, the frolics, the bun-attitude, and the petting. She's a great little package of bunny-ness and it's almost impossible NOT to fall in love with her when you meet her and pet her wonderful, soft fur.

Panda was living with a boy bun, and she would love to find another boyfriend to share her life with. If you have a boy bun, why not set up a date for him to meet our fabulous Panda?

Panda out in the dance studio, with her punk hairdo!

With a lionhead, you get the extra advantage of incredibly silly hair-dos. Some days she looks like Joey Ramone, some days she has a faux-hawk, and some days she seems to be sportin' a mullet. Yet somehow, she's always cute...maybe only bunnies can look cute with mullets.

Panda with her lion's mane hairdo. She is a lionhead, after all!

If you'd like to meet Panda ...

She is hanging out at our Gig Harbor Barn

Call the Rabbit Haven Hotline: 206-351-2637

Or use our online form

Or email: adoptions@rabbithaven.org