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Juliet: From Foster to Forever

Our beautiful shy girl has a new home - and isn't shy anymore!

What started with tragedy ended with a new home for our lovely Juliet. A couple lost their bunnies, and they were heartbroken. So heartbroken, they were afraid to adopt another bunny--and many of us can relate to this feeling. But, after a little while, they decided to try fostering, and they came out to meet our Juliet. With trepidation, they decided to foster her, and here's what happened:

... it is always so hard when a rabbit passes away and that's why were timid to adopt Juliet at first.  We can not live with out her now though, she is such a personality, and she cracks us up daily.  Every day she is more personable with us and seems more at ease with living with us in the house.  She was even underfoot today when I was cleaning her litter this morning, almost like a dog.  I was so shocked that she wanted to be next to me, the boys never did that.  I will print out the forms and send out the check tomorrow.  We do still have some hay, but I know it was a special blend that you were getting from a local farm and she REALLY loves it.  If we could get a little more when we run out it would be wonderful.
Thank you so much for all your help and I hope this finds you well.  Please feel free to contact us to see how she is progressing.
Take Care,

Here's our original posting about Juliet:

Juliet, what light through yonder banana box breaks?

Juliet thinks she'd make an excellent news anchor-bun.

Just look at Juliet! She's so beautiful. All you Dutchie-fans out there will go crazy over her. She's a sweet, but very very shy little girl. If she's like most of our buns, and we think she will be, with time and love, she will build up her trust again and get much more social. For now, she is looking for a kind, patient family who will understand that her life up until now has not been the best. She needs the time and care to come out of her shell and become the happy, perky Dutchie we know she is at heart.

Look into her eyes and ask yourself: what better ways to spend time than sitting with a shy bunny, watching her get more trusting by the hour? There's nothing more rewarding in the world than those first head-down, eyes-closed, tooth-purring moments that we know are in her future.

Juliet is getting quite curious these days.

Ummmm....I'm not quite sure about you yet...got any raisins?Black and white and shy all over.