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Alex got adopted!

Here's our original post:

Pardon? What? Did you say something???

Oh, Alex! What big ears you have!

Alex can bring in pop music stations from Japan.Alex is a GORGEOUS Flemish Giant bunny. Just as Currier and Ives were adopted, he arrived at Rabbit Haven. And, while we always love having giant bunnies around, we're excited to find him a great new home and, we hope, a ladyfriend of his very own!

He's got lovely black fur, ginormous ears, and the fun bouncy personality that comes with the giant rabbit breeds. He'll need lots of room: no cages for this dude. He'll need at least a 6' xPen, or, preferably, a well-rabbit-proofed room (or rooms!) to romp in.

Do you have a ladybun in need of a big macho man? No matter what size she is, Alex may be the man for her! Remember, size does NOT matter in bonding. There are many wonderful pairs who are completely different sizes. We think bonded couples who are different sizes are extra-super-duper-cute, so come meet Alex today!


"WHAT?"He won the Gold Medal in "Longness" at the Vancouver Olympics.

You missed out on Alex, but there are lots of other buns waiting to meet you.