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Vixen (now Violet!)

Violet lands herself a man!

Vixen (now Violet) spent a few months being lovingly cared for in a foster home, but every girl dreams of having her own place and a significant other she can depend on. Well, Violet found herself the perfect man! Tilbert is a handsome red-head with macho lop ears, and he dotes on his Violet.

We're thrilled for our little lion-headed lady and her new man (and her cute and lady-like new name)!

Violet likes to pretend she's a knick-knack.

Violet and Tilbert share a moment.


Snuggles! Everybody loves snuggles....

"Pardon me, do you have any treats?"

Violet's Centerfold Pose.

 Anyone who has a rabbit knows that this can only lead to trouble.