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Rusty loves Morgan. Not Guinea Pigs.

Rusty, one our our all-time favorite buns, has a happy new life with Morgan!

We adore Rusty. He was a long-time resident at Rabbit Haven, along with his beloved Lark. When Lark died, our hearts broke right along with his. But his story was not destined to have a sad ending!

Suzanne had her eye on Rusty for years--she just loved the beautiful pictures of he and Lark together. And now, she sees him in person every single day! She brought him home and bonded him with her Morgan...and ended up bonding with him herself. Even though he is not a 'huge fan' of her guinea pigs, Suzanne thinks he's just about perfect. Here's an update from her:

RUSTY, a long time RH resident with a sensitive side, has settled into his new home in Seattle. He and his sweetheart Morgan share a giant run pen in the living room and spend their days munching, lounging under their woven rooftops, and grooming. They listen to classical, jazz, Mariners radio and live parakeet concerts. Morgan is a power napper and Rusty likes to toss around the play dishes and chew toys. Both rabbits had recently lost their mates and have found love again with one another (and a devoted human friend).


Morgan doesn't have to worry about licking him too much. After all, he's ALREADY Rusty! (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Rusty proves that he can be totally loveable--without moving even one iota.Hooray for love!