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Onyx & Ebony went home!



Joy's Babies are the New Black! AND they have new home!

We're so happy for Onyx & Ebony! They found their forever home...and we can't wait to get updates and new photos from the happy family!
Yay for everyone!

Here's our original posting about these beauties:


"Hey, Onyx...can you keep a secret?Onyx and Ebony are curious little explorers with lopped ears and shiny, perfect black fur. Ebony is the little girl, and holy cow she is CUTE. I mean, really, super, ridiculous CUTE. She's a tiny bit shy (which only makes her cuter, of course). Her baby face may just make your heart explode (don't say we didn't warn you.) She's so cute, in fact, that you better come adopt her quick, or we'll never ever be able to let her go.

Ebony watches your reaction to her own cuteness.

Her brother, Onyx, is a handsome little devil (between you and me, he is ALSO very very very cute, but he likes to think he's a big man and therefore thinks being called 'cute' is too baby-ish. So don't tell him we said that.) You'll notice that he has one ear up and ready to hear anything important, and the other ear 'to the ground' to monitor all activities there. The two together are simply irresistable.

"D'ya think they're coming to adopt us? D'ya think they know we like carrots?!Joy, their mom, is quite the big lady (she's 14 pounds!) but her tots probably take more after their daddy, who may have been a mini-lop from the looks of things (Joy refuses to tell us anything about him. Some bunnies don't kiss and tell, apparently). Anyways, we don't think that these two will be as big as she is, but they look like they may become medium-to-largish size buns, so they will need plenty of room to play and romp. You'll have to have space for an X-pen (no small cage for these two!) and the best scenario would be a room (or, hey, an entire house!) that's bunny-proofed and available for lagomorphic explorations and adventure.

Ebony looks up to her big brother.A picture of the whole family back when Onyx & Ebony were 'babies.'