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Bella Star & Dylan


Rockstar bunnies FOUND a mellow gig

Yay! Bella Star and Dylan got adopted! We'll post updated when we get them. Have fun little buns!

Here's our original post about these two:

Aren't these great names!? These two are actually soft-rock bunnies, given that they are very mellow and like to chill out much more than they like to party hardy. They are lovely, sweet, very relaxed 5-year-old buns who were returned to us after many years (we have no idea how someone could give them up, but we are always happy to take our buns back if the need arises).

Anyways, their bad luck could be your GREAT luck, because Bella Star and Dylan are once more 'in the market' for a forever home (and we really hope it's forever this time!)

Yup. He's hiding behind her again. Not the most macho bun in the world

Bella Star is the black-and-white Dutch bunny, and Dylan is her boyfriend. Like many mellow dudes, he likes to hide behind his lady (well, maybe we just made that up about the behavior of 'mellow dudes,' but Dylan really does like to hide behind her...). They are VERY bonded to each other, which means tons of cute snuggle moments for you to 'ooh' and 'ahhh' over.

Bella Star looking glamorous.

They're still a bit wary in their new situation, so they are shy. But if you come and sit with them for a few minutes, they will hop right over to ask for some head-pets and general loving.  These two will return your kindness and affection ten-fold. They're perfect for you if you're looking for mellow buns to relax with you and bring some softness into your home.

Dylan, during an exceptionally brave 'I'm not behind my girlfriend' moment.