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Ace...NOT born to be wild.

Ace in the hole!

Ace got adopted! Ace got adopted!

We're so happy for him, and kinda jealous of his new family, because he's so awesome.

We hope to have photos and an update for you soon!

Here's our original posting about Ace:

Oh, Ace! So, get this. As some of you know, we have been involved in the Victoria, Canada rabbit rescue, which involves hundreds of feral bunnies. As these feral bunnies arrived at our bunny barn, Sue would let them out of their carriers and into their enclosure to continue their wild-bunny ways. So she'd open a carrier, and zoom!, out would rocket a bunny.

Until she opened Ace's carrier.

Instead of lunging for his wild freedom, Ace took a flying leap...into Sue's arms! Where he proceeded to...hide his little head in her arm! AIEEEE! The cuteness! The adorability!

Ace demonstrates exactly how adorable bunny-legs can be

We think that Ace was a very recent 'dump' in Victoria, and he (luckily!) got caught up with all the wild bunnies up there. So, when he found himself among bunny-friendly humans, he made sure we knew that he is NOT a wild bunny at all, but quite in need of a nice warm loving indoor home, thank-you-very-much!

Ace is still a little confused about what's happened to him (wouldn't YOU be?!?! I mean really!) He's super-curious, and he is SO sweet. We're so glad he ended up with us so that we can find him a perfect forever home. What a great story you'll be able to tell folks when you adopt Ace!

Ummm...just so you know...I don't NEED you to put me down. Like, EVER.