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Luna and her man, Lucy!


Yes, you read that right. Luna's new man is named....Lucy!

Maybe we should call him 'Mr. Lucy.'

Unsolved mysteries: who was here first?Here's the first update on the new loving couple from their besotted humans!

Hi Angie- Luna and Lucy are continuing to do well in their new together home.  There has still been no fighting or biting- Lucy is perhaps a little more confident in his more familiar surroundings, but I can see that each is happy to have found somebunny to be with. I think Luna has actaully settled Lucy down a bit, and he seems even more receptive to pets and affection from us.  I witnessed a very thorough face/ear cleaning that Lucy gave Luna last night, and they continue to sunggle and share food, treats, etc.  They enjoy napping in and moving their "house" around together, eating tons of hay, & rearranging the food bowl. We enjoy giving Miss Luna attention- she is just a love of a bunny, I am completely smitten, and we are so happy we found her, and things seem to be working out with her and Lucy.  I love to look over and see them laying together, and knowing that they aren't so lonely anymore.  I did see Lucy trying to mount Luna a couple of times last night (this is the only time I have seen this)- I assume this is something that can happen- she seemed "okay" with it (much like when she mounted him).  She did scamper away after the second time, but Lucy left it at that, and they were fine.   I will send some pics soon, with another update.  Thank you so much again Angie for all your help, all you do for the bunnies, and letting us adopt this sweet girl- I know Lucy thanks you also!         Jan and Gene  

AND here's the latest update...with photos!!

Hi Angie- I don't think you got any pictures with my first Luna-Lucy update, so here are a few that will show these two continue to be quite taken with each other.  I think Lucy (or Mr. Lucy) has left behind most of his bachelor bunny days, and does not stray too far away from the lovely Miss Luna when they are out and about the house- he definitely prefers to be close to her.  There is a little pushing and shoving to be first in line for a treat, but hey, it is banana chips and shredded wheat, there should be major excitement!  Enjoy the pictures.     Jan & Gene

Mr. Lucy makes snuggling into a very macho activity (uh, not.)"Darling, I think the paparazzi found us again."Mr. Lucy takes his new grooming duties quite seriously.

"We'll have the salad for two, tossed table-side, please."

Luna surveys her new kingdom.

Here's our original post about Luna:

She glows like the moon!

Oh, Lovely Luna! Luna is a gorgeous little lop with white-and-cream fur, topped off with dollops of sliver-gray at all of her tips. She might look like a shy delicate little flower, but look out! Luna has a LOT of stuff to do. She is a VERY busy and opinionated little lady. She is so desperate for love, affection, and diversion that she often comes charging at the door when we open her little house...she DEMANDS pets and snuggles, thank-you-very-much. Interestingly enough, we are always willing to give them to her!

"Oh, hello. Yes, certainly, you may beep my nose."

(Her name is actually Luna, even though we call her Fuji for some reason in the video... :)

Luna is a great combo of beauty and silliness...she'd love to have a boyfriend to play with, and we know she'll get lots of attention from whichever boy bunny that turns out to be (and maybe it's YOUR boy bunny!) but we also know that she'll need huge amounts of human love for her whole entire cute life!

"Hmm...smells like one of those human petting devices. Excellent."