Spay & Neuter Campaign Progress Tracker

Over 80% of the rabbits surrendered to shelters each year in the US are not spayed or neutered, and 70% of them are adults.

Most of these are given up by their owners because the owners have too many rabbits or unplanned litters and cannot house them and so are no longer able to care for their rabbits. Since most house rabbits are purchased rather than adopted, and a rabbit litter can have as many as 10 baby bunnies, the problem is easy to see. It’s because rabbits breed…well…like rabbits.

The premise of the campaign is pretty simple: raise money, spay/neuter rabbits, keep rabbits with their owners and from getting dumped. Rinse and repeat.

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We aim to raise a whopping $6,000 to spay and neuter locally owned house rabbits in 2018.
$3000 of this will be from our matching donor - Willie's Fund.

Our bunny goal is to alter 100 rabbits, which in turn would
prevent over 500 unwanted or uncared for baby bunnies
. That is a lot of bunnies “saved.”

Bunnies up next:


  • Jeannette - Jeanette is a super sweet bunny who came to us due to her family relocating. She is always eager for pets, and will hold her head down and just soak up the love. Jeannette is already spoken for and once spayed will go to her forver home.
  • Ariel - This little bunny has the most beautiful, soft, copper tone fur. She, and her brother Houdini came from a rescued litter of bunnies out in Bonney Lake. Their rescuer took in the mom and cared for all her babies, securing them good homes. Ariel is spoken for and will go to her forever home as soon as she's spayed and healed up.

Bunnies spayed/neutered:


  • Ruby - Ruby, a Netherland Dwarf--is a super cute, and very small, bunny! She was found by a good Samaritan, who took her in and cared for her until healthy. Ruby is now with Rabbit Haven and living with one of our fosters--settling in, eating hay, and getting lots of pets.
  • Leia - Leia was still nursing her babies when her mate, Luke, was neutered. Now, she has been fixed and the two bunnies can be reunited. Leia and Luke are a pair of dumped bunnies, rescued by a Good Samaritan who is fostering them, and their 4 baby bunnies! Leia is a Willie's Fund outreach bunny.


  • Hombre - Hombre is a beautiful New Zealand Red, who unfortunately has a broken hind leg and EC. His leg broke and healed before he came to Rabbit Haven, and we're treating him for EC, as well as severe earmites. He is doing so much better! Hombre is a permanent resident at Rabbit Haven.
  • Houdini - Houdini and Ariel are brother and sister. Both came from a rescued litter of bunnies out in Bonney Lake. Their rescuer took in the mom and cared for all her babies, securing them good homes.
    • UPDATE: Houdini has been adopted out! He is one lucky bunny to have a whole family to love him.
  • Willow & Brook - These fun sisters were found in a neighborhood park and brought to Rabbit Haven. They soon found a loving family to take them in and we spayed as part of the adoption process. Both girls are doing well and enjoying their new life indoors!


  • Mac - Mac is a former 4-H bunny, now ready for retirement in a loving 4-ever home. Mac is super loving--he just melts into a soft puddle when you pet him. He is also an active, fun bunny who really can jump. This guy is a hoot!
    • UPDATE: Mac has been adopted out. He found a home with one of our long-term Rabbit Haven volunteers.

  • Ben & Jerry - Ben and Jerry are almost identical brothers who came to us from the Humane Society. They both had internal injuries and Ben had an eye infection. Following surgery both bunnies are doing very well--they are helped by both the Rabbit Haven Gemini Fund and Willie's Fund. They are healing up really well and will soon be up for adoption. These bunnies are super sweet and you can just sit and pet them forever, and they just soak it up.
    • UPDATE: Both Ben and Jerry have been adopted out, each to separate homes. These boys are real cuddlers and immensely popular.

  • Ricky - Ricky is an increadibly sweet bunny--who loves broccoli! He was found by a Good Samaritan up in South Seattle, who contacted us. Ricky has an old break on his left hind leg that makes him a bit wobbly but still just as sweet.
  • Chewy - Chewy is an awesome little Lionhead with lots of personality. He has awesome muttonchops and really likes noserubs. And he is probably the most photogenic bunny ever!
    • UPDATE: Chewy is on his way to his forevre home. He has been adopted out, and now has a family and a mate, Frosty. He is one lucky bunny!
  • Kelli - Kelli was raised by one of our fosters from a very young age (even bottle fed). She has grown into a wonderfully sweet bunny. Kelli is already spoken for and will be adopted out late October.
    • UPDATE: Kelli has been adopted out. She found her forever family with a Rabbit Haven volunteer who gives Kelli daily bunny massages. It's true!
  • Jack - Jack came from a litter of bunnies born to a mom rescued in Bonney Lake. He loves to cuddle and has the most amazing ears. Jack was born on June 10, and is looking for a fun-loving, active home.


  • Lexie - Lexie came to Rabbit Haven after having been found, injured, in a live trap. We took her to the vet, where she had a toe amputated and a ligament reattached. Once fully healed, she will the spayed and ready for her forever home.
    • UPDATE: Lexie has been adopted out, and now has a family and a mate. She is one lucky bunny!
  • Luke - Luke is bluish grey with white markings; kind of a Dutch mix. He is a very sweet, gentle boy that likes head rubs. Very energetic and curious when he plays! Luke and his mate, Leia, are a pair of dumped bunnies, rescued by a Good Samaritan who is fostering them, and their 4 baby bunnies! Luke is a Willie's Fund outreach bunny.

  • Bolt - Bolt's family took him in to prevent him from going to a shelter. He is very friendly and loves attention and food, and he is working on learning some tricks. Once neutered and healed up, Bolt will be bonded to the family's other rabbit, Shadoe. Bolt is a Willie's Fund community outreach bunny.


  • Branch - Branch might look like a standard black bunny--but he is a fountain of joy. He was found by a Good Samaritan all the way up in Mount Vernon, who took him in and cared for him before handing him over to Rabbit Haven. Branch is getting to hang out with the other bunnies at the barn, and is as happy as ever.
    • UPDATE: Branch has been adopted out. His family is so happy with him that they are bringing Ariel home as soon as she's spayed so Branch can have the prettiest girl as well as a family.

  • Lucy and Gracie - These Giant Flemish sisters are a force of nature. Friendly and curious--partners in crime and always together. They came to Rabbit Haven via a shelter exchange. They are double the fun!
    • UPDATE: These girls have been adopted! They have a new home with a whole apartment to lounge in and roam, and lots of love!

  • Doc - Doc was a hutch bunny brought into Rabbit Haven by a rescuer during the heat wave this year. We don't know much about Doc, but he has an amazing color and is very sweet. This guy is so ready for a forever, indoor home.
    • UPDATE: Doc has been adopted out. He now lives with a Rabbit Haven volunteer, who after caring for Doc just fell in love with his super sweet demeanor and decided he needed to come live with her.

  • Ellie - Her name is Ellie, and she's a Rex mixed with an English Lop. This gal is a stunning grey, and very relaxed. This is zen in the form of a bunny. Ellie is one of Willie's Fund's community outreach bunnies.
    • UPDATE: Ellie has been adopted! She is going to her forever home and gets to hang out with 2 other bunnies and 2 excellent humans.


  • Bruce - Bruce is a great bunny! He was found at an office complex, befriending the staff and hiding under the cars. A good Samaritan took him in and surrendered him to Rabbit Haven. We estimate Bruce to be about 2 years old, and we know he'll make a great house rabbit.
    • UPDATE: Bruce has been adopted out! He went home with a family and a girl bunny. Bruce is still the coolest guy on the block even though he's now shacking up and is all grown up.
  •  Miss Kitty - This soft, grey, super-chill girl came to Rabbit Haven from Kitsap Humane Society. She had been surrendered by a good Samaritan and had a large abcess on her jaw. The Rabbit Haven Gemini Fund covered her medical costs to operate on the abcess. And after several weeks of follow-up care by Sue, Miss Kitty is now all healed up and  she has been spayed as well. Miss Kitty will be available for adoption early August.
    • UPDATE: Miss Kitty has found her forever home with an awesome family and bunny mate. Her family are long-time bunny owners and Rabbit Haven adopters. This is one lucky bunny!
  • Kimmy - Kimmy is a darling bunny whose owners had to surrender her due to a tragic loss in family and traumatic life changes. Kimmy herself also lost her mate during that time. Since arriving to Rabbit Haven, Kimmy has been cared for and spayed. She is about 6 months old and will be available for adoption early August.
    • UPDATE: Kimmy has been adopted. She now lives in a loving home with her new mate Smackers--a super sweet gentleman bunny.

  • Baymax - Baymax is a brown and black Rex with a lovely white eyeliner. He's been with his owner since a baby and is a part of the family. But as he's matured, Baymax, like any male rabbit, is marking his territory, making it difficult for his family to keep him indoors. Baymax's neuter surgery will allow him to stay with his family and not go into a shelter. Baymax is one of Willie's Fund's community outreach bunnies.


  • Carrot - This brown little 1 and a half year old Rex is working his way up in life. He is getting promoted from outdoor to indoor bunny, getting a new hutch, and, as soon as he's netuered and healed up, he's also getting a mate to share his new digs with. Carrot is one of Willie's Fund's community outreach bunnies. 
  • Ginger - Ginger is a 1.5 year old lionhead. She is sweet tempered and accustomed to being held and groomed. Leaf lettuce and celery leaves are her faves.
    • UPDATE: Ginger has been adopted--she was wisked away as soon as she was healed up from her spay surgery and is now in a loving home, and has a mate--a stunning Satin Angora named Bido.
  • Porsche - This 1 1/2 year old beautiful bunny was rescued at at Porsche contruction site, but due to allergies, could not stay with her rescuer long term. Porsche is friends with dogs and very relaxed. She loves being petted.
    • UPDATE: Porsche has been adopted. After charming everyone at the Rabbit Haven, Porsche found a forever home with one of our volunteers.
  • Coco & Watson: This sister and brother pair were born mid-January this year. Coco is pretty chill and mild mannered. She likes to hide out and doesn't mind being petted. Watson he is sweet and loves to dart around and kick his feet up! He can be a bit reserved too but is ok with be held and petted. Coco and Watson are not bonded and will be adopted out separately once fixed.
    • UPDATE: Watson has been adopted. He has found his forever home with a family and 2 cats. This bunny is a dynamo of love and and joy.
    • UPDATE: Coco has been adopted as well. Her new family are new to bunnies, and simply could not resist a cutie like Coco.

  • Gracie - Gracie is a three year old Holland Lop. A gray and white fluffy young lady with so much love to give. The best way to describe her is fun. She loves play time with her toys and friends, hopping up on the furniture, and zipping around the house. She will happily come up and greet you in return for face rubs and cuddles. Put a plate of greens in front of her and she will work hard to eat every bite of it.
    • UPDATE: Gracie has been adopted and lives with Chuck and his family. In just a few months, Gracie has gone from an alone, outdoor hutch bunny to an indoor bunny with a complete family!


  • Nivens - Nivens used to be a not so happy bunny, nipping at his mate, Thumper. But since being neutered, he's is one relaxed guy. Nivens lives with his foster family and is ready for a forever home. Nivens is a Willie's Fund's community outreach bunnies.


  • Snowball - Snowball is a fun and active little lionhead that was found in the woods by a family who unfortunately could not keep her due to allergies. She is full of life and can't wait to get to her new home. Once she's been spayed and fully healed, she'll be ready for adoption--she won't be at the barn for very long. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her can-do attitude.
    • UPDATE: Snowball has found a new home and a mate - Bunsey! She is one lucky bunny.

  • Peter - This little black and white guy was found by the side of the rode by a gentleman walking his dog. Peter was easily swayed by a piece of carrot, and was later handed over to Rabbit Haven. Hence, we don't know much about Peter, except for that he's super-sweet and super-cute. Once neutered, Peter will find his way to a new and lasting home.
    • UPDATE: Peter has found his forever home with a great family!


  • Neeno -  Neeno is a 10 month old dwarf lion-head bunny. His family is unable to keep him due to lack of space. As part of the re-homing process, they are making sure he's neutered and healed up before he goes to his new forever home. Neeno is one of Willie's Fund's community outreach bunnies.
    • UPDATE: Neeno has found a new home! He's a happy bunny.


  • Dean & Sam - These 11-week-old brothers were found in a small cage, without food, water, and hay. One of our fosters is caring for them, and they are ready for adoption. Dean & Sam are not bonded and will be adopted out separately. Sam is the one with the spot on his cheek. You can see their adoption ads here: Dean and Sam
    • UPDATE: Sam has been adopted! His family tells us he just loves to snuggle. Now, let's find Dean a great home too!
    • UPDATE: Dean has found his forever family too! This spunky guy is bound to keep his family on its toes.

 Dean & Sam - Sam is the one with the spot on his cheek.

  • Marley - This black and white little girl came to us from a local vet. Her family had left her unattended while away on vacation, and she got her leg caught, causing prolonged loss of circulation. Her family took her to the vet but surrendered her when they found out that she needed to have her left hindleg amputated. The vet removed the leg, and Marley came to us. Once she is healed up from her spay surgery, this happy and hoppy rabbit will be ready for adoption.
    • UPDATE: Marley has been adopted! And she found a bunny mate, Jasper. Her new family wrote us an update: "They are doing awesome - so incredibly cute together. Jasper is already grooming the inside of her ear. And they are binkying together. Thank you for helping save Marley and taking such good care of so many rabbits."

Marley - Here, Marley is being held by Dori. Marley is plain adorable!

  • Red - This big, red guy was the main breeder at a facility in Seabeck, WA, that closed down. Red, along with 10 other rabbits, were rescued and taken in by Rabbit Haven. Red is currently living with his foster parents and will be available for adoption, along with his mate Jenny, once they are both fixed.
    • UPDATE: Red and Jenny have been adopted! Their new family were so keen to have them, they reserved Red as soon as he came out of neuter surgery, and patiently waited for Red and Jenny to be re-bonded before picking them up.

Red - Red, aka "Big Red" loves to be petted.

  • Don & Carol - This couple was abandoned in a residential neighborhood after their owner was evicted, having been raising rabbits for medical testing and breeding. A caring neighbor with a big heart contacted Rabbit Haven, and fed and sheltered Don & Carol through several cold weeks before we could trap them and bring them in.
    • UPDATE: Don & Carol have been adopted. Their new, forever home is a wonderful family with a lot of heart. These bunnies are a dynamic duo and always eager to be part of the action.

    Sue with Don - Don is affectionate and eager to meet everyone.January:

    • Lilly - This Flemish-mix was dumped and attacked by an animal. She was found with her left ear severly mauled. Rabbit Haven took her in and managed to save most of her ear. The remaining scarring is only aesthetic. Lilly has perfect hearing and can pick up the sound of a treat bag being opened from across the room. She is all healed up from her surgery and ready to find her forever home.
      • UPDATE: Lilly has been adopted together with Ben. Ben is also a red-eyed-white, and a long time resident at Rabbit Haven.