Services & Supplies Available at Rabbit Haven

We're always here to help you and your bunnies! Email us to set up an appointment.

Care & Health Services by appointment only

General Examination
NOTE this is not a replacement for a vet visit!
In a general exam, we give your bunny an
'experienced once-over,' and perform basic
maintenance services like some of those
listed below.

$ 20

...add Mite Treatment to Exam

$ 15 and up

Nails & Scent Glands

$ 10

Teeth Clipping
NOTE this is for front teeth only.

$ 20


$ 20 and up

Boarding (per day) available at our Gig Harbor Barn

One Healthy Rabbit

$ 10

Two Healthy Rabbits

$ 15

Sick Rabbit

each, does not include medicine

$ 20 and up


Feed & Hay

Specialty Hay per flake

$ 10
Chewy Sticks per bundle $ 5

Pellets 5 LB bag

$ 5


You want the real poop on great compost?


Of all animal wastes, rabbit droppings have the highest nitrogen content. Rabbit droppings also contain phosphorus which is important for flowers and fruit trees. Many manures must first be composted before they can be applied to your garden. Should you fail to compost them first, you risk burying your plants. Rabbit droppings do not have to be composted they can be applied directly to your garden and they don't smell like other fertilizers.

Fill a black garbage bag for $5 donation. Bring a garbage can to fill for $10 or a truck load for $5 per scoop from our tractor.

Come to the Gig Harbor barn any Saturday afternoon to load - please email first ( to confirm a time.