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Chelsea & Charlie

From rags to riches.

No, we're not interested in buying a subscription to "Cat Fancy Magazine." Please get off our porch.

Charlie, who is a Netherland Dwarf, was part of a big rescue from Yelm. He came to Rabbit Haven covered in wounds and very scared. He was the smallest little dude in the bunch of rescues, and the other bigger bunnies were not very nice to him.

But now, everything has changed! The sun shines on his luscious, smooth white fur! He snuggles in his litterbox and cardboard playhouse with Chelsea, the very glamorous love-of-his-life! He has decided that people are pretty cool after all, and he's come to trust us and enjoy attention.

Chelsea is a beautiful, super-sweet girl with lovely gray fur.

Sometimes, if you look at her sideways, she brings carrots.


Charlie's executive headshot.


If you'd like to meet Chelsea & Charlie..they are among our 'permanent residents.'

We sometimes allow very bunny-savvy people to foster or even adopt our permanent residents, but we'd be VERY picky. Check out some of our other wonderful pairs. And why not consider volunteering, so that you can snuggle with all of our bunnies?