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Prince Berry (m)

His cuteness knows no bounds.

Prince Berry was named Strawberry...until we figured out this was no dainty lady, but a strong, brave, and spiritied little gentleman! He is indeed a Prince among buns.

When Prince Berry came to us, he had bad abcesses on his cheeks. Your donations helped us help him, and he's all healed up now and handsome as can be!

Prince Berry had abcesses from neglect when we got him.

And if that wasn't enough, Prince Berry was born with back feet that are actually 'upside down,' so he hops on the surface that is supposed to be the top of his foot. And does he care? Nope. Not even a little. This little dude has won all of our hearts at Rabbit Haven, because he's one of those awesome little bunnies who has no idea he's different in any way at all. He just waddles around, totally sure of himself, letting everyone know that he is fully in charge and very, very busy.

Prince Berry is a permanent resident of our Gig Harbor barn, and if you watch the video you'll see why. Sue is just a smitten kitten around him, and he provides plenty of giggles and joy.

If you find yourself falling absolutely in love with Prince Berry, and you are a very experienced bunny person, you might be able to foster him...or more. Get in touch and maybe, just maybe, we'll talk about it.


If you'd like to meet Prince Berry...

Strawberry is ripening at our Gig Harbor Barn

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