Our Permanent Residents

Did you know that Rabbit Haven is the permanent home for over 150 rabbits?

The bunnies you see available for adoption are just a few of the many bunnies we take care of here at Rabbit Haven. Some of the rabbits we rescue have serious medical or neglect issues, and some simply can't be adopted out. For these bunnies, we offer a permanent home, with just the right medical care and attention.

Our wonderful volunteers help us care for these many bunnies, and we rely on your donations to maintain our shelter facilities and provide for these wonderful bunnies for the rest of their lives.

In some cases, our 'permanent residents' are available to be fostered...or even adopted...to bunny-savvy families. So, take a look at these cuties and, if you fall in love, contact us to talk about the specific needs of the bunnies you are interested in.


Lucy & Tribble (RIP)


Prince Berry (m)


Chelsea & Charlie