The Adoption Process: How it Works.

1. Contact us.

If you are interested in adopting one (or two?) of these rabbits, or any of the other rabbits residing at Rabbit Haven, please email us at or call (253) 208-4206 to leave a message. A volunteer will contact you to set up an interview which can be done through e-mail or by phone

2. Complete an application

Download our Adoption Application and Contract to familiarize yourself with our policies. Feel free to contact us if you need help or have questions!

3. Schedule a visit.

Contact us to schedule a visit or a bunny date!

4. Prepare your home.

All Rabbit Haven rabbits must be provided with a safe, indoor homes. If this is your first bunny, you'll need to buy some basic supplies to prepare your bunny's living area. See our preparing for your new bunny section for advice and shopping lists.

5. Prepare for your visit.

If you find a perfect bunny -- or bunnies! -- when you visit, you'll be able to take your new family member(s) home that very day.
Here are the things you should bring with you on your visit:

  • A carrier lined with a towel or blanket. Small and medium bunnies fit comfortably in cat-sized carriers. If you are thinking of a pair of bunnies, or a larger breed, choose a medium-sized carrier.
  • A completed Adoption Application
  • An open mind! The perfect bunny for you may surprise you.

If you are adopting a companion for your rabbit, bunny dates are encouraged. Bring your rabbit with you and let him/her choose a friend! Rabbits have definite preferences and many know the perfect mate when they meet them. It's a good idea to bring two carriers: one large enough for both bunnies, in case they get along perfectly right from the start, and another carrier in case they need some time to fully bond to each other.

6. Choose your new bunny...or bunnies!

On the day of your visit, you will be introduced to all the Rabbit Haven residents. You will be encouraged to visit and play with any residents that interest you. Once a decision is made, you will be shown how to trim nails and clean scent glands on your newest family member. The rabbit will also be checked for any health concerns before going home. You will be given a bag of rabbit feed from the shelter along with instructions on how to transition your bun to the feed that you will be feeding. It is very important not to change a rabbit's diet suddenly.

Then it is time for us is to say our goodbyes and to thank your new family member for visiting with us until his/her new home became available. It is always with mixed emotions that we send our furry children off into the world. We will miss them as each one is special and such a blessing in his/her own individual way, but more so it is with great joy to witness and be a part of them getting their second or sometimes third chance in life.

7. Keep in touch!

We're always excited to hear how you and your bunnies are doing. We are available to answer any of your questions, help you solve problems that arise, and, especially, hear stories about how well your new family members are doing.

We predict that you'll have at least 10 funny, cute stories within the first week of living with your new bunnies. We want to hear them! And we're always interested in putting new success stories on our site.