Fun Bunny Videos!

People love filming their bunnies! And, as everyone knows, a bunny video is the best way to cure the blues.

Toilet trained bunnies!

Binkies with Daddy!

Tortoise v. Hare in Real Life

TORTOISE V. HARE :: BIG RACE!! from Dylan Stiles on Vimeo.


Ex-rocker opens a bunny hotel!

Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll have nothin' on bunnies.

OMG--Clint Eastwood has bunnies! Meet August Eastwood!

The bunny world was rocked when we first read this 2008 interview in Parade magazine.

The first line of that interview:

He’s [Clint Eastwood is] sitting at home, stroking his pet rabbit. His wife is out. His latest picture is a wrap. He is content to have nothing to do.

Bunny Show Jumping

Bunnies are very talented! Not only can you do clicker training to teach your bunny little can train some bunnies to compete in elaborate jumping competitions, like this one:

The 'Bunny Letter Opener' at MIT

We can't put this one right on the page, but you can watch the bunny letter opener on youtube


Snuggle Bunnies

If you turn up the volume, you can hear the little honks of happiness...


Bold and Brazen Bunnies

This bunny really wanted his litter box back, thank-you-very-much.


Digging to the max

Howard's big dig...set to very inspiring music.

Rabbits and cats?

Tigger and Noisette are for the best part at around 1:00

Ginormous bunny!

Yes, some bunnies can be huge. There are breeds called 'Flemish Giants' and 'French Lops' (among others) that can grow to the size of small dogs!

Bunnies sleeping in poses that scare the heck out of their owners