Easter and Real Rabbits Don't Mix

Every Easter, people start thinking about bunny rabbits. Unfortunately, far too many people think it's a good idea to get a cute, fluffy bunny rabbit for their child...a 'real Easter bunny.' And a few months later, the shelters are innundated with the no-longer-quite-as-cute, now-my-child-is-bored-with-it rabbits. Or, even worse, the unwanted pets are 'set free in the wild.'

You can help just by telling the people you know about the realities of owning a house rabbit...both the good and the bad. We're including lots of resources on this page to help you get the word out. Already know everything on this page? That's great! Now it's your turn to share the page with a friend, and ask that friend to share with their friends...and maybe eventually you'll help turn the tide for bunnies at Easter.

Make Mine Chocolate

We love Make Mine Chocolate. They produce great resources for people who want to spread the word about Easter and real rabbits. Here are some of the materials they've created. Why not print some out for yourself, hang them up at work, and hand them out to just about everyone you meet? Sure, people might think you're a 'crazy rabbit person.' But so what! You're a proud bun-bassador!


Business-card sized, ready to print (pdf)

Postcard sized, ready to print (pdf)









Click either image below for a printable, letter-size pdf

You can hang them in the office, at the supermarket, at the gym...the possibilities are endless!



On the lighter, but still serious, side...

James Junior, who writes "The Bun Life: 4 Spoiled Bunnies, 1 Single Guy, and a Torn-up Couch" blog, posted this great image and an equally excellent blog post:

Easter 2011: The Bun Life's Open Letter to Those Who Are Considering Getting a Bunny for Easter

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