Dangers & Poisons


Amoxicillin: Antibiotic used for cats and humans. Kills rabbitsb
Cedar/Pine Shavings: Inhaled hydrocarbons cause liver damage
Houseplants: Many houseplants are toxic, bunny doesn’t know what is safe
Electric Wires: Fires and electrocution could result
Stray/Strange Dogs: Always supervise your rabbit around dogs
Hairballs/Intestinal Blockages: Feed plenty of Timothy hay and give plenty of daily exercise

These are very bad for your rabbit and other pets. “Aromatic hydrocarbons from cedar and pine bedding
materials can induce biosynthesis and hepatic microsomal enzymes” which are known to cause liver
disease. (Quoted from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services guide for the care of laboratory
animals.) Please pass the word to pet shops and others who carry this material for small animals. If they
won’t use it for lab animals, we sure don’t want it for our house rabbits. Use organic litter for the litter box
and put newspaper in the tray if you have a cage for your rabbit.

Never let a vet give your rabbit Amoxicillin. (It is an antibiotic and is recognizable as a pink liquid that smells
like bubble gum. It is killing a very large percentage of the rabbits that receive it.) All drugs in the penicillin
family are bad for your rabbit as they kill the “good” germs in the rabbit’s intestines and can cause other
organs to malfunction. There are other very effective antibiotics that can be safely given to rabbits, such as
Baytril. Occasionally, a rabbit can’t tolerate one antibiotic. For instance, they may stop eating or experience
diarrhea, and another antibiotic will have to be tried instead.

Poisonous Plants

Lily of The Valley is Deadly to Rabbits!

Even a small nibble of Lily of the Valley can kill your rabbit, and they will eat it if they find it. Do not let your rabbit play outdoors (which should always be supervised in an enclosed area regardless) without making extra sure there is not Lily of the Valley in the area.

How to identify Lily of the Valley