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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Dump Your Bunny

Your pet deserves all the love and attention you promised to give it when you first got it.  It is up to you, the rabbit's companion, to make sure that it lives a full and healthy life. Throwing him away is not what he deserves!

If you abandon your rabbit in the wild, you are giving him a death sentence. PLEASE - consider other options and contact us for advice. Rabbits are extraordinary creatures - they contribute to our lives in many joyful ways.

House Rabbit Society - National Level 

This site offers information on rabbit care, health and behavior.  They also offer a list of rabbit knowledgeable vets.  Pretty much everyone agrees this is the largest all-inclusive rabbit resource on the web to date.

Bunnies & Children

Children & rabbits are natural companions-right?  The answer could be yes, no, or maybe depending on many factors.  This site offers information you information on this subject.

Why indoor bunnies only?

There are lots of good reasons that we adopt bunnies to indoor situation only.  Please go to the above link for why.  You can also click on the link below for more information.

More Information on Indoor Bunnies Only


A Bunny in the House, Now What?

Set your rabbit up for success; structure his/her environment so they will succeed.

The Language of Rabbits

What is your rabbit trying to tell you? This site will help you unravel the language of rabbits.

List of Shelters