Bunny Boarding Service Request Form

Boarding drop-off or pick-up times:
Saturdays: 10am until 6pm
Mondays: 5pm until 6pm
Tuesdays: 5pm until 6pm
Fridays: 11am until 7pm

All boarding is by appointment only.

For the boarding, please bring a blanket or towel that smells of home for something familiar during the stay. Also bring your pellets to avoid having to transition your bunny onto our brand and then back onto yours.

During boarding, we'll provide daily vegetables for dinner (a mix of leafy greens), carrot, broccoli, green pepper, celery, and banana. As well as fresh hay and water.

Boarding fees (starting Aug 1, 2019):

$15/day for a single bunny
$25/day for a bonded pair sharing a pen

Additional options for special needs bunnies:
$5/day: minimal medical care such as administering medication once daily
$10/day: twice daily medication, butt baths, bandage changes, etc

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