Bunnies in the News

Rudy, a 3.5-pound brown-black Rex rabbit, wriggled on a white towel Sunday afternoon as dozens of young aspiring artists sketched him with pastels. The "still-life" bunny drawing was part of the Walk on the Wild Side community festival, promoting the museum's exhibit The Secret Language of Animals, which runs through June 27.

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Sadly, sweet little Rudy passed away. He will be forever loved and remembered by his parents, Mary and Steve, and his volunteer friends at the Carnation annex.


Photo from demoinsregister.comBenjamin the Therapy Bunny

Benjamin was a wonderful 'professional cuddler' in Des Moines, Iowa. Sadly, he died recently, but his story will live on. If anyone ever asks you 'why would anyone want a bunny as a pet?', this is a great article to show them. If you have a bunny who is a great cuddler like Benjamin, consider looking into local therapy pet programs.


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It's the bunny story heard around the world. The Tacoma Humane Society took in Copper the rabbit, who bit one of the volunteers badly enough that she had to go to the hospital. Copper was put in isolation and scheduled to be euthanized. Animal advocates set up protests, and calls started coming in from around the world to save Copper. The THS agreed to transfer Copper to Rabbit Haven.

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