Welcome to the Adoption Area!

Welcome to Rabbit Haven's adoption pages! You are in luck ... we happen to have some irresistibly adorable rabbits who are looking for homes. Any bunnies that are together are a bonded pair. Bunnies bond for life, so they will need to be adopted together. Most bunnies are much happier living with another bunny since most people are gone during the day, they have each other for company.

Adopting from Rabbit Haven: What you need to know

We only adopt to people who want to add a bunny to their family -- and family members live indoors.

Rabbits are very social animals and like being around the people who adopt them. When bunnies are left outside or left in a garage, they are not part of a family and eventually get forgotten. It is a very scary place for a bunny left outside in a hutch. They are prey animals and can die of heart attacks or get so scared they run around in fear in the hutch and hurt themselves or break bones. When bunnies live indoors and are around people, they feel safer and stay much more healthier than outdoor bunnies.

We only adopt to people willing to provide proper housing for their bunnies.

If you have any questions regarding housing, please Contact Us. We can help you find the best housing solution for your home. You can also visit our housing information section.

We believe all bunnies are happier when they live in pairs.

We have many bonded pairs to choose from, and single bunnies available to bond to a bunny you already have.

All of our bunnies are spayed or neutered before being adopted out.

Our fees cover spay/neuter and are non-refundable; consider them a contribution to Rabbit Haven.

One bunny: $65
Bonded pairs: $120

If the adoption doesn't work out, you must bring the bunny back to Rabbit Haven.

We want you to be sure before you adopt your new bunny. In the event that you can't keep the bunny for any reason, you are obligated to bring the bunny back to us at Rabbit Haven. Note, however, that the adoption fees are non-refundable. We won't judge you. We just want the rabbit to be safe and taken care of.